Furniture Delivery in Tampa, Florida

Whether you are choosing furniture for a new house, office, or selling furniture, the final step is shipping them. One major thing that should not be overlooked. You want to be confident that your furniture will arrive at your new place safe and secure. So, it’s essential to choose a suitable furniture delivery company. However, there are a multitude of options, so selecting the right furniture delivery service may be a challenge.

How We Can Help You When Moving to a New Hom

1. Do a Walkthrough
The best time to do a complete walkthrough of your new home empty. So before setting up your furniture and getting unpacked, take a look around your new home, as a home tour.

2. Child/Pet Proof (if Necessary)
If you have little kids or (furry four-legged kids) pets, then doing some necessary child or pet-proofing is vital until you can have your full setup into place. Keeping anything dangerous—box cutters, cleaning supplies, glassware, etc. is vital in making sure that they are out of reach.

3. Figure out What’s Going Where
Save yourself a lot of time and trouble when moving into a new home if you make a plan of attack for setting everything up instead of just winging it. This is predominantly true for furniture. While you do probably already have a basic idea of what goes in what room, give yourself a moment to think about exactly how you’d like the set up to look. You can make changes later on, but going into this task with a general plan is always going to make the job easier.

4. Make Sure Utilities Are Set-Up
Hopefully, you took care of arranging for your utilities to be ready for you before moving into your new home, in which case now is the time to make sure that everything is ready to go and working correctly. On moving day, confirm that your electric, gas, water, heating and cooling, phone, and internet are set up. Then call your local waste management facility to ensure that your new home is set up for garbage pick-up.

5. Locate the Fuse Box and Water Valve
The fuse box and water valve are two things that you don’t want to end up looking for when you need them. It’s much better to identify their locations so that if your power goes out or you need to turn off the water for some reason, you’ll be able to make your way there directly. As a rule of thumb, your fuse box will likely be in your basement, garage, or a storage room, whereas you can usually find your home’s water valve located somewhere around the perimeter of your house.

Choosing the Right Furniture Delivery Provider

Since there are many furniture delivery providers in your Tampa, Florida, choosing the best one might be tricky. But here are three things you should remember:


  • Availability and Shipment Visibility
  • Shipping Cost
  • Liability and Insurance

All these are self-explanatory, make sure to work with the best furniture delivery provider, Jochas Moving and Delivery. For sure, you’ll never go wrong!