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How Much Do Movers Cost For A 2 Bedroom Apartment?

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Moving houses can be a bothersome and sometimes expensive experience. There are a couple of factors to consider, but the most important is cost. If you’re moving to a 2 bedroom apartment, for instance, you’ll have to factor in how far you’re moving, how many items you’ll be moving, and whether you’ll hire professional movers or do it yourself.

In this article, we’re going to be doing an in-depth analysis of the cost of moving a 2 bedroom apartment in 2022. Without further ado, let’s go right into it.

Cost Of Moving

The cost of moving a 2 bedroom apartment depends largely on whether you want to do it yourself or if you want to hire a moving company. Most local movers charge hourly, so the number of items you’re moving, and the distance you’re moving them will be a major factor when calculating expenses, as well as dates, stairs(if you’re using a moving company), and packing supplies.

If you choose to move your 2 bedroom apartment by yourself, here’s a couple of things for you to consider

Doing it yourself

Moving to a 2 bedroom apartment is a lot less stressful than moving into a house. It’s entirely possible to do it yourself, and a lot less stressful too. If you’re going to handle the moving yourself, there are a couple of things you should consider

  • Renting a truck: If you won a truck, or know someone you can borrow one from, you don’t have to worry about this. If you don’t fall into any of these categories, then you’ll have to get a rental truck. Prices for rental trucks vary depending on how far you’re traveling, but the average cost for a truck capable of moving items in a 2 bedroom apartment is $63, plus a $1 fee per mile. There’s also the fuel cost to consider too because most truck companies require you to return the trucks with the tank half full.
  • Packing supplies: Packing kits are also a considerable expense when moving. Moving companies charge $70 to $150 for 2 bedroom packing kits, but you can get it around $110 or less, depending on the items that need to be packed.
  • Lack of insurance: You’re not a professional mover, so if anything gets destroyed in the packing or moving process, there’ll be no insurance to replace the item.

Using professional movers

Using professional moving companies is recommended by most experts, and while they may be a bit biased, it’s still the most efficient and time-saving method of moving. The costs of using a professional moving company vary between regions, but the national average is $100 for 3 movers and one truck.

For a 2 bedroom apparently, the average cost of moving will be $600 to $800.

Additional factors will likely see the price increase past the above-stated amount though. For instance, if the movers have to take heavy furniture up a flight of stairs, they’re likely to charge you extra. Ironically, they’ll also charge you if they have to use an elevator too. If they can’t find parking space around your new apartment or house, they’ll charge you for carrying the items over long distances.

Tips to save money when moving

Financially speaking, moving apartments can be an expensive exercise. To make it a bit easier for you, here are a couple of tips to cut down on moving costs and save yourself some money.

  • Do your packing: Moving companies offer packaging services; for a fee. To avoid paying this fee, you can get packaging supplies and do the packaging yourself ahead of time. It’ll cost you a bit of time, but it’ll save you a lot of money.
  • Take measurements: Go to your new apartment and take measurements of floors, corridors, doors, etc. This will help you know which furniture you’ll be taking to the new place, and which you’ll be replacing with a smaller size. You’ll also reduce the stress on yourself and the movers, and reduce extra charges.
  • Book service elevators: Call your landlord in your new place and book the service elevators in the building if needed. This will help you reduce the extra fees you need to pay for stairs, and it’ll help the moving process flow faster.

What’s the Budget?

If you’re doing it yourself, your budget for moving a 2 bedroom apartment should be around $500 and below.

When hiring movers, calculating the costs becomes a bit more complicated because most times, there are extra charges per mile. You have to ask the movers detailed questions about their policies, and the service charges they demand.

The weight of your items also plays a huge part in determining the cost of moving a 2 bedroom apartment. If you have items that collectively weigh over 4500lbs, there’ll be extra charges.

When all is said and done, the average price for moving a 2 bedroom apartment over 500 miles is $2700. This includes insurance and mover packaging. If you’re moving over 1000 miles, it becomes $3300 including both additional services. Over 3000 miles, the average price shoots up to $5,700.

It’s imperative to note that this is a national average. Depending on the moving company and region, these prices may shoot up past the above-stated figures or may end up being cheaper. Your negotiating skills also go a long way in driving down the cost, so if you’re a good negotiator, you can strike a good deal with the moving company.


There are a lot of factors to consider when moving apartments. From rent to the security deposit, credit checks, etc. It’s easy to overlook the cost of moving your items, and most people end up not being overwhelmed by the cost when they get around to it.

We used a 2 bedroom apartment as an example in this article, but a lot of the principles above can be applied to other apartments. Whether it’s a house, a three-bedroom apartment, or something smaller, this article should be your go-to for preparing to move.

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